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Online Art “E-Pinions”

Online Art “E-Pinions”

NEW: Online Art “E-Pinions” Now Available.
Due to popular demand, Art encounter is excited to offer “E-Pinions” on fine art objects to collectors around the world. For some time now, Art encounter has offered “in-house” consultations for clients on artworks where a formal appraisal was not immediately needed. Now you can take advantage of that same service in three easy steps!

E-mail photographs and pertinent information regarding your art object to us using our handy submission form.

Art encounter staff will evaluate your materials and conduct research and analysis on historical, market and quality characteristics inherent to your art object.

Within 35-45 days, Art encounter will submit to you written certification on your artwork, documenting our findings and resulting “E-Pinions” on its provenance (history), quality, and potential for value within the market. 
When do we recommend our “E-Pinion” services?

  • For that unknown artwork in your collection you’re curious about.
  • For additional certification and analysis on an important piece.
  • For artists: a professional opinion of the quality and potential market for your creations.
  • To help you make an informed decision on an artwork’s potential purchase or sale.
  • To help determine whether a work merits a certified appraisal.

PLEASE NOTE: Although much of the due diligence is the same, Art encounter’s “E-Pinions” are NOT certified appraisals (which typically entail physical inspection and a more thoroughly documented scope of work) and are not intended to be used as such. “E-Pinions” are designed for the client’s use only.

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