Art Advisory Services


When you need help selling your art

Art encounter will receive in your work of art, research the current value and offer the work to our client list of over 10,000 collectors. We will make the artwork available for sale on our world-class website and have it accessible in our offices for presentation.


When the auction process becomes overwhelming

On behalf of the owner, we will research the current value and history of a work of art, present the work to the finest auction house available, obtaining the best hammer price result possible. Art encounter will handle the logistics of preparing and shipping the artwork, negotiating the best Hi/Low estimates and fees. This service is utilized by knowledgeable collectors who wish remain anonymous and look to us for discretion – and for first-time clients who seek experienced, professional assistance in guiding them through the rigorous auction process.


When you’re not sure if your art is the real thing

This service is available to those collectors who seek to have the ownership and history of their works of art researched and properly presented to scholars, foundations, committees and appointed authenticators in a professional format with the desired results of having the artwork authenticated or approved for future inclusion to any amended catalogue raisonne.