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Loppo Martinez

Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez is a French painter born in Brittany, March 14th, 1952. At the age of eight he studied at the ‘Experimental Art School’ in Lorient, followed by the ‘Beaux arts’ in Versailles, ‘Studio Grappin’ for anatomy at Beauvais and the ‘L’ecole Superieure Estienne des Arts’ in Paris.

Before devoting himself exclusively to his own painting, he collaborated as a master engraver in the print making for Picasso, Miro, Bellmer, Kim Tchang Yeul, Rodo-Boulanger, Bernar Venet, and many others.

The sincerity in the search to transpose his emotions, as well as the assertion of his expression and style are the very precise criteria guiding the strength of an artist. Two major art movements have affected and motivated his search: Postimpressionism and Fauvism on one hand and Art Deco on the other. Revolving around ‘Drama’ and ‘Symbolism of sign’, his art expression has a very simple rationale attaching palpable emotions of life to an inferred scene insinuated by symbols and colors. Choosing figurative art as his means of expression he lets the onlooker share his dreams preserving the spirit of those infused in his world.

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