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The Pocket Picker For Fine Art

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Matthew Edwards

A Las Vegas artist, Matthew has both a sense of humor and a keen eye for detail. Card Shark is a ‘campy’ yet accurate look at Las Vegas’ glitz and glamour exploding from the desert floor. Humor, history and a sense of what the city is all about is conveyed in a work that is poster art at its very best. Two More Indians is a parody of Beverly Doolittle’s ‘Two Indian Horses’. It depicts two ‘punks’ stealing the two Indian brand motorcycles from the string of bikes while Biker is leaving to shoot pool with his buddies. Night Hawgs is a parody of Edward Hopper’s ‘Night Hawks’. This work was also parodied in ‘The Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ poster which featured Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and other stars sitting at the diner.

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