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Luba Stolper

Luba Stolper was born in a small village in Ukraine known for its farming and agriculture. Luba lost her father before she was five years old and her mother when she was eleven. Days on the farm were backbreaking and long, leaving little time for the normal joys of childhood. Through it all, she discovered the joy of art and creating. She would draw herself. She would draw all the produce around her in great detail. There was no culture in her village but there was culture in Luba. She dreamed that one day she would leave the village and pursue her one great love, her art.
After leaving the village, she studied at an art school in Russia from 1978-1980. Then after living and studying in Israel, she moved to San Francisco in 1993. From 1995 – 1998 Luba studied fabric design at Berkeley. Many of her designs were featured in fashion magazines. After college, in 1998, she moved to the Sonoma Wine Country, and resides in Santa Rosa with her husband Igor. Luba has a great family and enjoys working every day in her studio. It has been a long time since she left that small farming village in Russia, but she took her dreams and her art with her.

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