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VAMOS! by Bruce Sulzberg

Bruce Sulzberg has perfected a “most unique” form in art that is dramatically effective for the presentation of sports themed art. His technique creates a life-like 3-dimensional effect by using acrylic paints on layers of acrylic glass. Like no other, his art preserves great moments in real sports – a venue ideally suited to drama is created by his unique multi-layered paintings, which gives these subjects life, motion, and depth that can never be achieved in any 2-dimensional media. Each original takes months to create, as the detail is painstakingly realistic.


  • “Fans of Rafael Nadal will be amazed and must experience this masterpiece visually in person to further take in the unique style form of creating the King of Clay in a 3D setting…”

Steve T. / Calabasas, CA

  • As a huge fan of tennis, having a painting of Rafael Nadal is already special, but having Nadal’s signature on the painting and understanding Nadal’s connection to this particular piece adds to how remarkable this artwork really is…”

John N. / Vienna, VA

  • “It turns out that today is Christmas in our house. Just received VAMOS and it’s absolutely stunning. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Rouz J. / Sunnyvale, CA

Below is a wonderful testimonial from a very happy and satisfied client who purchased a VAMOS at the 2021 Miami Open tennis tournament.  Thank you Mr. Adam R.

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