Coca-Cola by Alfredo Romero


Original Mixed Media & Gold Leaf Painting on Canvas

28 x 60 inches framed



Utilizing a proprietary method, this work was lifted from the facade of a crumbling building in Mexico and transferred to canvas. Incorporating paint, glue, gold leaf and fabric stabilizer, every detail of the original advertisement is transformed, making the old and forgotten new again.

Says the artist of his work; “There is nothing more interesting to see and contemplate in our surroundings then the architectural landscapes, the city, the houses… In my case the facades that have served for years as support for popular advertising which, the vast majority nowadays, are disappearing or have deteriorated. It is my proposal to intervene and execute paintings of facades where the passage of time has created the true works of art. Arbitrary textures, overlays of typefaces, colors damaged by erosion, walls that mourn memories and nostalgia, all come together to form the new urban manifestation that is my art.”

Concerning the paw-print; “It is the brand where I identify myself as an artistic researcher who travels roads, streets, towns and cities. Like a stray dog that leaves its mark where it goes. ‘Plata de Perro’ (Dog Silver) is the mark of a solitary discoverer of forgotten vestiges in walls where time left impressions of nostalgia and melancholy of a place where there is oblivion.”  –  Alfredo Romero

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 65 x 33 x 5 in