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  • Guardian Spirits

Guardian Spirits – Bev Doolittle – SOLD

Set of two signed limited edition lithographs.

Mint condition, never framed.

Image Size:  23″ x 26″

Edition # 11086/13238

A Blackfoot Indian rides forth in full dress adorned with the feathers, pelts, and claws of his animal protectors.  Next we see him in the moment he has become aware of danger, warned by the spirit of the wolf he wears as a headdress.  Fearless as the  Mountain lion whose pelt he uses as a riding cloth, he turns his face toward us and we see ferocity and cunning, wisdom and strength come alive to ride with him.  There are eighteen spirit animals watching over this warrior.




Bev Doolittle is one of America’s most collected artists. Her camouflage art is loved by art collectors around the world. Through sheer force of talent and dedication, she has achieved a status in the art world few contemporary artists ever dream of. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels. Bev Doolittle was born and raised in California.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 30 × 5 in