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  • Jacqueline – La Dame Aux Des 14 5:8 x 21 5:8 in copy
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La Femme Aux Des (Jacqueline) by Pablo Picasso – SOLD!


Extremely rare one-of-a-kind first state

Signed in the stone and again by the hand of Picasso

38 x 32 inches framed

Out of stock


Pablo Picasso offers his cherished Jacqueline as the queen of risk or entertainment depending on how you view gambling. Rolling the dice with her hands, Jacqueline exudes confidence. With the intended colors of the finished print to be the primary colors of yellow, blue and green, Picasso allows for the work to stand out among others in his oeuvre with the playfulness and uncharacteristic free form. Jacqueline is made up of colorful zigzagging lines, dots and geometric shapes. Picasso has drawn both of her arms as well as the points at which they connect to the body including both a frontal and profile view of the face presenting his beloved wife and muse in this work of art as the Queen from a deck of playing cards.

 Print justification:

100 impressions on Black Wove Paper numbered in Roman numerals.

100 impressions on Pink Japon Paper numbered in Arabic numerals.

NOTE: Not the entire edition was pulled and it is generally understood that there were only 10 – 15 works numbered HC – Hors Commerce.

 This first state (ETAT) was pulled separate and apart from the edition of 200 works in the presence of Mr. Morlout, Jacqueline and of course, Picasso. It is a First State trial proof and very, very rare.