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  • Le Nu Avec Grenouille 1952 (The Nude With Frog)
  • Le Nu Avec Grenouille 1952

Le Nu Avec Grenouille by Henri Matisse

Original Cutout on Paper 1952

Price available on request


A cancer diagnosis in 1941, and a subsequent risky and invasive surgery, ushered in what Matisse called his Une Second Vie: A Second Life, which he took full advantage of during his last fourteen years.

Although the disease confined him to a wheelchair and limited his ability to paint, this new lease on life led to an extraordinary burst of expression. By maneuvering scissors through prepared sheets of paper, he inaugurated a new phase of his career. Painting with scissors quickly became Matisse’s medium of choice and works like the Le Nu Avec Grenouille are among his most celebrated.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 45 × 5 in