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  • Monumental

Monumental by Marc Chagall (SOLD)

Original Stone Lithograph

Signed & Numbered by Marc Chagall


The famous mosaic created by Chagall, entitled, The Four Seasons, inspired this work of art. This mosaic is one of the most monumental works of outdoor public art in Chicago, Illinois. The mosaic inlaid with thousands of stone and glass chips in more than 250 colors, measuring 160 feet long by 14 feet high, is one of the artist’s greatest achievements. After the completion of the mosaic, the Tudor Publishing Company published a book entitled, Monumental Works, in 1973. A special unlimited edition stone lithograph was included with the book. This work was folded in the center and never signed by the artist. Later that same year, 1973, an original stone lithograph was published by XXE Siecle, Paris and printed by the famous Mourlot atelier, Paris in a very limited edition of only 50 examples signed and numbered by the artist.

 This work of art is numbered 35 from the small edition of 50.