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  • Two Indian Horses

Two Indian Horses – Bev Doolittle (SOLD)

Signed limited edition lithograph.

Mint condition, never framed.

Image Size:  50″ x 11″

Edition #4051/12253

“It’s fall, 1875.  A regiment of the Second Cavalry takes a short reconnaissance ride from Fort Ellis, Montana. The soldiers have stopped to rest the horses and themselves before the onset of winter . As a rule, most people view things from left to right… it’s a habit from reading. So, by camouflaging the two Blackfeet Indians, it is my hope that the viewer will pass over the Indians on the extreme left of the painting, continue on down the row of horses to the soldier walking off the extreme right end of the painting.  Having most of the horses turned and looking off to the right helps to subtly force the viewer’s eye to the right and away from the discovery of the Indians. Discovering the Indians last rather than first helps to make the story more believable and lots more fun. These Blackfeet Indians are about to be two horses richer, hence the title, (Two Indian Horses).  I wanted the viewer to share the experience, to see the horses and the cavalryman first and only later discover the Indians and what they were up to.  Some people take a long time to discover the story here.  Others see it right away.”                    –   Bev Doolittle

This spectacular work of art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.



Bev Doolittle is one of America’s most collected artists. Her camouflage art is loved by art collectors around the world. Through sheer force of talent and dedication, she has achieved a status in the art world few contemporary artists ever dream of. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels. Bev Doolittle was born and raised in California.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 55 × 5 in