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  • Untitled by Maritos Manoukian

“Untitled” by Martiros Manoukian

Martiros Manoukian (1947 – present) is an Armenian artist who lives in the United States. Art aficionados call him “M. Martiros” — and that’s how he signs his paintings.

One distinctive aspect of Martiros’ work is its range of styles — from abstract figurative with vibrant color (“Untitled Portrait” 97) to representational figurative with muted color (“Graceful Pose”).

Whatever the style of a given piece, all works by Martiros contain animating elements — mood and movement.

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“Untitled” by M. Martiros
Mixed-Media Original Painting
40″ x 54″ unframed,
52″ x 64″ nicely framed
Excellent condition
Circa early 1990s
One-of-a-kind commissioned piece for a prominent casino executive.

This work was featured on Pawn Stars! (“April Fooled”, April 3, 2014.)

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 64 in