The Wine Harvest by Marc Chagall (SOLD)


Reproduction print signed by Marc Chagall

From the famous 1961 Daphnis & Chloe Suite

25 x 21 inches

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This wonderful reproduction print was originally published in 1961 as an original lithograph from the famous suite, Daphnis and Chloe, a series of 42 works illustrating the Ancient Greek novel.

It was not unusual for a 20th century master artist such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall or Matisse to have taken a page from a beautiful coffee-table book published about their work or a wonderful original lithograph, sign the page and them give them as gifts to visiting students, museum VIP’s, or friends dropping in at the studio for a visit. A wonderful selection of these pages made their way to the book stalls of Montmartre, Paris by the mid 70s.

When a person pays a high price for a watch, handbag or car, the expense is usually justified by the presence of an instantly recognizable, status-enhancing name. Similar principles apply to the art market, where Marc Chagall remains an enduringly prestigious brand. collecting artist’s signatures are fun; they fit most anywhere and make a great entry-point for collectors who wish to acquire a signed work by a master artist at a reasonable price. A certificate of authenticity accompanies this artwork.

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